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We have extensive experience and knowledge in all aspects of injection molding and are prepared to support injection molders, OEM’s/end users, part designers or anyone involved in injection molding.  We use the latest and most innovative technologies and tools to help serve you.



Services Offered


• Full Technical Training & Seminars in a variety of subjects

         o Scientific Molding, Troubleshooting & Process Optimization

         o Medical Molding & Validation

         o Materials & Material Selection

         o Part Design & Tool Design

         o Design of Experiments (DOE) for Injection Molding


• Consulting Services specific to your needs

         o Technical Support for a Specific Project or Application (Problem Solving,

            Improvement Projects, Process Optimization & Documentation, Tool Transfers, etc.)

         o Medical Molding – Validating & Documentation processes for FDA

         o Plant Audits, Plant Layout & Startup

         o Energy Management Audits

         o Machine Audits & Specifications

         o Part Design & Tool Design Reviews


• Retail Sales of Technology & Tools for Scientific Molders

         o Temperature, Weight & Pressure Measurement

         o Spreadsheets & Software

         o Thermal Imaging


moldingHELP.com specializes in the following:

Scientific Molding/Decoupled Molding, Technical training and seminars, Energy management, Part design for manufacturability, Tool design and review, Tight tolerance/precision molding, Thermal imaging, Micro/Nano molding, Cavity Pressure/In-Mold Sensing Technology, Powder injection molding (PIM/MIM/CIM), Liquid injection molding (LIM/LIMS), Tool transfers, Multi-Component Molding, Mucell/Foam molding, Gas Assist & Gas Counter Pressure, Lens Molding, Thin Wall Molding, Insert Molding/Reel to Reel Molding, Screw Design, Hot Runner Systems, Automation, Plant Audits, Production equipment selection, Plant Layout and Startup, Medical Molding, Medical validation and documentation processes for FDA, Processing of specialized materials (i.e.: Bioresorbable Resins), Material selection, Resin Analysis & Part Testing, Low Pressure Molding, Captive injection molding, Custom injection molding, and more!




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